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Sydney Music Room FAQ

This section has answers to our most common questions. 


How do I book a room?

Please use the calendar provided on our Bookings page. 


Is the equipment included in the room hire?



Who uses the music rooms?

Anybody and everybody who wants to play an instrument. Teachers, students, hobbyists, small groups, vocal groups, kindermusik etc.


Do you have a drum kit?

Unfortunately we do not have a drum kit. Our space is not fit out for live drums. We do have a very nice cajon in room 306 as well as various bits of percussion. 


Can I/we get loud?

The room is not soundproofed, so we have limits on volume. For most musicians, this will be fine. Unfortunately, we can no longer have Opera singers (sorry!)


Where are you located?

Our studio is located in Haymarket at 661 George Street, suites 306, level 3. We are directly across the street from the Starbucks at George and Campbell. The Haymarket Hotel is part of our building. If you have any trouble finding the place send an SMS to my mobile at 0435 061 163.


How many people can fit in the room?

Depends on your activity. Five people sitting with instruments are cosy but perfectly fine. It is possible to fit in more people, however seating is limited.


How do I meet other musicians who want to play?

Please feel free to make a post on our facebook page:


What equipment do you have in the rooms?

We have quite a bit of gear for you to use. Please reference the Room 306.


How do I get into the room?

After you make your first booking instructions send an SMS to 0435 061 163 and I'll send you the lockox code.


How do I get the keys?

The keys are located in a lockbox onsite. You will be sent the code after you have made a booking?


Does Sydney Music Room provide lessons?

No, we provide a place for lessons, but we are not a teaching service. If you are interested in music lessons, please have a look at Modern Music Lessons.


Can I pay at the time of my booking?

No, everything is paid for online prior to your booking. 


Can I extend my booking?

Yes, you can use our computers or your smartphone to extend a booking. If you would like to extend your booking you must do so prior to the end of your current booking.


If I stay late can I pay for the extra time after my booking?

No. You cannot make bookings retroactively, our system does not allow it. All time spent in the music rooms has to be paid for prior to use. ​


Can I cancel my booking?

Yes. Credit is instantly issued on all cancelled bookings, outside of 6 hours of your booking. (In other words, we have a 6-hour cancellation policy.)


Can I make a booking for a friend?

The musician who hire's the room has to be there during the time of their booking. 

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